Real Deal Keto Bread

Keto bread baker and author of Keto Breads

Can keto bread be one of the solutions to your health problems? Whether or not you follow a grain-free, low-carb, paleo or ketogenic diet, we know you do care about what you eat and how it affects your health.

There's a good chance, you try to avoid bread altogether, and that's a very wise decision. Traditional bread is one of the worst foods for your health. It spikes your blood sugar, promotes inflammation, can lead to leaky gut. It increases your risk for autoimmune disease; finally, bread could be the reason why your favorite jeans just don't fit like they used to.


Keto Bread Recipe

This recipe for this keto bread took Healing Gourmet Founder Kelley Herring ten years to create. She calls it real deal keto bread. Here's why it's so special. First, it meets the magic macros of the ketogenic diet. That means it's very low in carbs, rich in healthy fats and, of course, It's also grain free. This bread is actually good for you, but even more amazing, is how it tastes.

This is truly one of the best pieces of bread you'll ever enjoy. It makes the perfect hamburger bun. You can use it for dinner rolls or sandwiches. It makes an unbelievable focaccia or a crusty baguette for dipping in olive oil. It rises just like real bread and it's really easy to make. Here's how Kelley created it and you can get the recipe . More than a decade ago, before most people had even heard the term gluten-free, Kelley had to follow a very restrictive diet for a serious health, condition.

Thankfully, that diet helped Kelley regain her health, but she also missed being able to enjoy a burger on a real bun, a slice of pizza with melted cheese, even a simple piece of toast, with warm butter. She made it a mission to create bread recipes that are truly healthy, breads that are just as good as any you've ever tasted, without the gluten grains and carbs.

Keto Baguette Keto Hamburger Bun Keto Dinner Rolls Keto Focaccia

Baking Science

But it was a challenge. Baking is a science and baking with gluten-free, grain-free, and low glycemic ingredients is an exact science. Sometimes one extra teaspoon of just one ingredient can turn something delicious into a disaster. What seemed like a few-month endeavor actually took years. The rules of baking needed to be reinvented.

Keto Friendly Ingredients

The discovery required the use of new ingredients and the testing of hundreds of combinations over and over again. After years of trial and error, Kelley finally cracked the code. She learned the secrets of how to create bread recipes that are truly healthy and tastes just like the classic originals.

In 2014, she published those recipes in a book called Better Breads. It became one of the top-selling recipe books in the prior five years. It was clear to her that the recipes could be even better, and that they could be perfect for the ketogenic diet.

Keto Breads, by Kelley Herring: Real Keto Bread

She continued to improve them. We made the preparation easier. We swapped ingredients, adjusted ratios and added new and better recipes to the collection, tweaking and testing and tasting until every recipe was perfect and perfectly keto-friendly. The absolute best of the best Kelley put into her new book Keto Breads. Inside this book, you will find all of your favorite breads from sturdy hamburger buns to sandwich breads rolls and biscuits bagels pizza, crust, and the best tasting bread she has ever created: real deal, keto bread. These (recipes) represent more than 10 years of dedication. They're, no doubt, the best tasting and healthiest grain-free, low-carb bread recipes in the world today.

So if you're tired of using a flimsy lettuce wrap for your burger or trying to hold a floppy cauliflower pizza crust or other so-called healthy breads that just don't measure up to the real thing, it's time for you to put real bread back on the table.

Have your bread, and be well too!


How to Make Keto Breads for Your Family (ketobreads.net)

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