The Aspire Assist Weight Loss System

aspire assist weight loss

This article gives basic information on the Aspire assist weight loss system to help those struggling with weight control to decide if it is right for them. Aspire assist is for people who have made numerous attempts to lose weight without success. Its role is to enable weight loss patients to continue to eat the foods they love without much of the dreaded weight gain and its negative health effects.

Potential patients will need to find an experienced weight loss physician that can perform this procedure. The way it works is that the patient will use the device the patient is fitted with to drain his/her stomach of food before the calories from it are absorbed fully. Then the patient use water to flush the line and get more out that may need to be loosened a little. This process should take from 5 to 10 minutes right after a meal.


Aspire assist weight loss tubeTo get started with therapy the patient will be fitted with a device that has a thin tube that goes directly into the patient's stomach. There is a discreet device that is about as big as a smartphone that the patient cause use to help the patient aspirate around 30% of what the patient have eaten into the toilet. Potential patients want to do this from 20 to 30 minutes after the patient consume a whole meal and expect it to take the patient a little longer than the minimum of 5 minutes when the patient are first getting used to it. Since only a third of what the patient eat is drained from the patient's stomach, the patient still get enough calories to function.

To get fitted with the AspireAssist tube it will take 15 minutes. They will use what is known as twilight anesthesia which is basically sedation that the patient will still be conscious through. They use it for things like dental problems, and the patient will not feel much of anything during the procedure. Hundreds of people have been studied in places like Europe and the USA that were using this device. Many of those patients lost up to 5 times what they weighed making this a very successful weight loss method.

After the patient find someone that works with this method at their office, the patient can use that medical team to help work on the patient's therapy plan. Medical monitoring is something the patient should get help with during this time because they will keep the patient healthy. Even though this may appear to be a relatively safe way to lose weight, the healthcare team is going to monitor the nutrients the patient is taking into his/her body with the food just to make sure that the patient is getting what is needed to maintain a healthy life. Deficits in certain nutrients can be easily addressed by coming up with a diet plan with the team.

The intention of the Aspire assist weight loss device is to allow patients to enjoy their food and then keep it from making them gain weight. As the patient loses weight, s/he will be able to work with a professional that can alter the tube going into the body to keep up with the changes s/he is making. Patients should consult with a qualified medical professional to get answers to individual questions if there are particular concerns.

Although recently approved by the FDA, we don't necessarily advocate this procedure; however, we need to report on it as another possible tool. Over the next several years, the medical community will have much more data concerning the effectiveness, safety and practicality of this new weight loss system.

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