Getting Rid of Stretch Marks After Weight Loss

stretch marks on thigh

For both women and men, stretch marks are common in those that have gained and lost weight. Certain parts of the body such as the arms, thighs, and abdomen are more susceptible than others. Sometimes stretch marks can even appear on the buttocks! Needless to say, getting rid of stretch marks after weight loss can make for quite a headache. Not all is lost, however.

Causes of Stretch Marks

To understand how to treat any condition of the body, it's important to be aware of the potential causes. There's a certain elasticity that develops in the skin as it expands to compensate for weight gain. It can even occur in teenagers whose bodies are growing and women that are carrying children. In those particular cases, an excess of hormones are also in play. The ever-generous genetic lottery is also a contributing factor, with some people simply more prone to stretch marks by nature.


Unfortunately, losing any weight that you put on isn't enough to get rid of the corresponding stretch marks. The elasticized skin tends to retract while also leaving the marks in place. They often resemble wrinkles after this point. While many are happy enough simply to drop the weight regardless of how their skin may look, any sort of perceived irregularity or imperfection is obviously not acceptable for some.

Stretch Marks Removal Tips

If you find yourself in that boat, there are several tactics to employ for getting rid of stretch marks after weight loss. The first is hardly a surprise given its regular appearance in just about anything related to health: drink a ton of water! If you can keep yourself well hydrated, the elasticity of your skin will be much more likely to remain intact. If you can drink at least eight glasses throughout the day, you should be in good shape.

Applying topical creams and oils has also proven useful for stretch marks. Anything that moisturizes is a prime candidate, as is the likes of olive or coconut oil. If you apply your moisturizer of choice in a circular fashion, you'll actually help induce the production of collagen. With regular application, the marks will eventually become less apparent.

Another useful strategy is to continue exercising even once you hit your goal weight. As you tone your body more, any loose skin will be more likely to tighten up. This is also why exercising is so important when it comes to weight loss in general, because merely changing your eating habits almost always result in an excess of loose skin.

After You've Reduced the Stretch Marks

With that, you have your best bet for reducing the appearance of any stretch marks you still have after losing weight. Beyond anything, just understand that stretch marks are an incredibly common issue. Even if you're left with a few that you just can't get rid of, you're likely to be far more bothered by them than anyone else. After all, the human body is a vastly imperfect thing. Once you've dropped those pesky, hard to lose excess pounds, you should be confident in finally feeling good about your new body for a change.

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